Tax Checklists Make Your Tax Return Easier

Finding all the documents you need to complete your income tax return can be a bit of a hassle, repeated every year. Simple tax checklists help you avoid that hassle.

To help make this process a little easier, and to help you find everything that could increase your refund, we’ve created two helpful tax-time checklists.

When you’re doing your return at, don’t worry if you aren’t sure about some items on the list. Just save all of the documents that you think might be relevant as one of our highly qualified accountants will check your return and ask you for further details if required.

Feel free to download your tax-time checklist PDF below.

  1. Basic tax checklist: A list all of the tax documents and records you need if you have fairly simply finances.
  2. Advanced tax checklist: For those with more complex taxes, including shares, investments, small businesses and rentals our ‘Advanced tax checklist’ is ideal.

How to use the tax item checklists:

  • Save and/or print the checklist
  • Mark each item as you find it.
  • Once you’ve checked-off all the items you need to do your tax return, simply start your online return and you can be finished in minutes!

At Etax Accountants we make tax easy! If you have any questions regarding your individual tax return, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.