Tax Online: Choose the Best Option, Save Time and Save Tax

We’re all becoming more dependent on the web and it’s not surprising that doing your tax return online is now very popular.

Newspaper articles, blogs and ATO advertisements seem to suggest the ATO’s e-tax and myTax are the primary ways – or the only ways – to do your tax return. But that’s not true.

This is true: About 70% of Australians use a tax agent, including online services like

People choose tax agent services because they want a better refund, want to avoid trouble and audits at the ATO, want answers anytime they have a question, and prefer to have an expert working on their side. Plus, at you get good technology that is always there, updated every year based on your feedback.

Tax agent fees are low, tax-deductible and often are made up for by better tax refunds, saved time and less trouble.

At we think our online tax return is the simplest and quickest way to lodge an Australian tax return. Lots of people agree: Our user feedback this year is incredible.

Doing your tax online means… confidence, convenience and a lot of time saved.

  • Use any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – includes iPhone and iPad.
  • Prefilling can save you time and improve the accuracy of your return.
  • Tailored online tax return to suit you! No unnecessary questions or sections allowing you to complete your return as fast as possible.
  • Your online tax return is checked twice by qualified accountants for accuracy and extra deductions prior to lodgement.
  • Most people can finish the Etax online tax return in just 15 minutes!

We’re constantly looking for ways to make it even easier to do your tax online.

For 2015, we have made a list of upgrades to the online return,. based on specific feedback from our clients. (Here is more detail about new etax features for 2015.)

We’ve identified the four common ways for taxpayers to do their taxes.

At, we think doing your tax online is the easiest, but for arguments sake, let’s compare… online tax returnTax Agent's OfficeATO MyTaxATO E-tax Software
SpeedMost people finish in minutes.Usually at least 1 hour. Travel time and waiting can make this even longerUnproven at this time.Download &installation required. Contains 150+ pages.
SimplicityFast & easy.Appointments & time off  work – not easy. Forget a document = more time & trouble.Seems good if your return is very basic.Download, install and run government software on your computer.
ConvenientMac, PC, tablet or mobile. Anywhere, anytime.You travel to an office with all of your personal documents.Seems okay so far, but some complain about the MyGov registration.Not flexible, no mobile access, no remote access.
ConfidenceQualified accountants check your return twice to help you get the best possible refund.Many popular tax agent offices do not employ qualified accountants to serve you.You are on your own.You are on your own.
Service & SupportIncludes online, email and phone support by qualified accountants.You'll get one chance to remember everything.You are on your own. The ATO will not try to increase your refund.You are on your own. The ATO will not try to increase your refund.
PriceProfessional -grade service at very low fees, with fee-from-refund option.Tax agents advertise low fees, but ATO stats show the average Aussie pays over $350.No initial cost, but going it alone, many taxpayers over-pay their taxes.No initial cost, but going it alone, many taxpayers over-pay their taxes.
How to get started:Finish Your Return Online Now.
Check a phone directory for an agent near you.Visit

Using the Etax online tax return, you can be finished in less than 15 minutes:

  1. Prefill will help you get it done.
  2. Not sure about something? Leave it and an accountant can help you later.
  3. Questions? Use ‘My Messages’ and a real accountant will reply.
  4. Finish the signing details and you’re done.

The Etax team of qualified accountants will take it from there:

  • We’ll check for ATO “audit triggers” and problems that can slow down your refund
  • We’ll look for ways you can improve your tax refund
  • We’ll review your return two times
  • We’ll answer your questions online or by phone
  • We’ll lodge your return electronically (the fastest way to get a refund from the ATO)

Most people can finish their Fast Etax return in under 15 minutes!

Our Accountants are standing by, ready to help.