Non-Lodgment Advice: Do I need to lodge a tax return or not?

“Do I need to lodge a 2015 Tax Return, or a Non-Lodgment Advice Form?”

You might have heard that in 2013 the federal government made large-scale changes to the “tax free threshold”. This means some people are eligible for non-lodgment and they don’t have to lodge a tax return. But be careful: This does not mean you can ignore your taxes. Everyone needs to either lodge a tax return or lodge a “non lodgment advice” form.

If you earned $18,200 or less in the past financial year AND you had no tax withheld from that income, you might not be required to lodge a tax return.

However, even if you don’t lodge a tax return, you still have to notify the Australian Tax Office (ATO) by lodging a Non-Lodgment Advice form…

Not sure whether you should lodge a tax return?  Read on…

Earned less than $18,200 but still paid tax?

You should lodge a tax return. If you paid tax on income you earn during the financial year, you should always lodge a tax return. And, if you earned less than $18,200 it’s likely you’ll get all of the tax you paid back!

What is a Non Lodgment Advice?

A non-lodgement advice is a document that is sent to the ATO if you do not need to lodge a tax return. This document tells the ATO you won’t be lodging a tax return this year and ensures they do not mark you down as having an outstanding tax return. This is important as the ATO can impose penalties or fines on outstanding tax returns.

How can Etax Accountants help?

We will help you work out whether you need to lodge a tax return this year. And, if you don’t need to, we’ll complete and submit a non-lodgment advice on your behalf – for FREE!

Next steps:

  1. Simply register your details and select the 2015 return year.
  2. Fill in your details for 2015 including any income you earned (between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015).
  3. Complete the ‘sign’ page online.

We’ll do the rest!

Our accountants will check your details against ATO records and if you don’t need to lodge the tax return, we’ll prepare a non-lodgment advice for you instead. After gaining your approval we will submit it to the ATO.

And the best part, it’s free! If you don’t need to lodge a tax return, you won’t pay any fees or charges – INCLUDING the non-lodgment advice form we will lodge for you at the ATO.

Tax Return or Non Lodgment Advice?

If you’re not sure, simply complete your tax return following the link below and we’ll check it for you. If you need a non lodgment advice, no worries we’ll prepare that for you instead – for Free!

You can start a tax return by clicking the button below… an Etax accountant will help you with a non-lodgment advice if that’s what you need, otherwise you’ll be set to lodge a tax return and get your tax refund.

Ready to start your tax return now?