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2014/15 Motor vehicle logbookEtax has prepared a motor vehicle log book template to download so you can keep track of each business trip you take. Then, when you're preparing your tax return you'll have a clear record to support your claims.2015 vehicle logbook (PDF)

2015 vehicle logbook (word)
2014/15 Travel diaryEtax has prepared a travel diary template to download so you can record your business travel to claim at the end of the financial year.2015 travel diary
2014/15 Laundry diaryUse our laundry diary template so you can list all of your laundry expenses to claim on you next tax return.2015 laundry diary
Statutory declarationIf you are unable to obtain your PAYG certificate from your employer or you've misplaced some supporting documents, use this ATO statutory declaration to declare your income on your tax return.Statutory declaration
2014/15 Rental income calculation sheetEtax has prepared this rental income calculation sheet to help you keep sufficient records to support your claim for rent on your tax return.2015 rental income sheet
2014/15 Rental expenses calculation sheetThis rental expenses calculation sheet will help you keep track of your rental expenses to claim on your next tax return.2015 rental expenses sheet

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