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Free Australian Tax Calculator

A free tax calculator that constantly estimates and updates your tax refund - only at

The tax calculator shows – instantly – an estimate of your tax refund or payable. When you enter new details, the tax calculator automatically updates your tax refund estimate calculation. Take a look at the screenshots to see how it works...

Get started using the tax calculator to see your tax refund estimate

  1. Log in to start your tax return.
  2. Enter your income, deductions and other details (it is easy).
  3. Look at the upper-right-hand corner - your estimate is right there.
Go ahead and add additional income or deductions.  

Each time, the system will re-calculate your refund estimate based on the latest details you've entered.

To get started, register your secure account and start your tax return.  Most people are finished in just minutes.

Why not use the ATO's basic tax calculator?

The ATO tax calculator is a basic program that calculates an approximate refund. The ATO’s calculator does not properly account for the Medicare levy and may provide an estimate that’s higher than your actual refund.

On the other hand, your tax return at (Australia's favourite online tax return) includes a live calculator that updates automatically based on each piece of information you enter, ensuring an accurate, personalised tax refund estimate.

Please note, the Tax Calculator is a free element of the online tax return.  The calculator provides an estimate of your tax refund (or payable).

After you complete and sign your tax return (most people finish in just 15 minutes), our qualified accountants check your return, making any suggestions regarding further deductions or errors. You will then receive an accountant-checked estimate.  If any details or claims have changed, your final estimate may differ from the automated calculator’s estimate (but this will be the most accurate possible estimate).

The sooner you lodge your tax return, the sooner you’ll get a refund!


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