Australian Tax Return Calculator

Do you want to calculate your tax refund?

The calculator inside is one of the most sophisticated and accurate tax return calculators available.

Some websites and tax return calculators just ask for your income and tax withheld. They cannot accurately predict what your tax refund will really be.

Quite simply, they don’t collect enough information about your tax return to give you an accurate estimate… Tax Return Calculator

At, after you register and log in, the tax refund calculator shows your tax refund estimate right at the top of the screen. It is accurate to the cent based on the information you add to your return.

Each time you add a new detail to your return, the tax return calculator updates your estimated refund based on the effect the new information has on your overall tax refund or payable.

This is done automatically and in real time, helping you to see how different items in your return can affect your refund.  That’s not possible with most tax calculators!

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how it tax return calculator works…

How to use the tax return calculator and see your accurate tax refund estimate:

  • Start your tax return and create your account. (Already have an account? Just click here to login).
  • Enter your income in the relevant fields.
  • As you go, watch the top part of your return – your estimate is right there.

Next, go ahead and add your other income or deductions. Keep an eye on the top right hand corner and watch as the tax return calculator updates with each new item you add to the return. The sophisticated Etax system will re-calculate your refund estimate based on the latest details you’ve entered.

tax refund calculator
The tax refund calculator shows a good estimate of your ATO tax refund. The more details you add to your tax return, the more accurate your refund estimate becomes…

Most people can get an accurate tax refund calculation and then finish their tax return in just minutes. Try it out now!

New users – Get Started!

Why not use the ATO’s basic tax refund calculator?

The ATO’s online tax calculator is a basic program that calculates an approximate or ‘ball park’ refund. The ATO’s calculator does not properly account for the Medicare levy and may provide an estimate that’s higher than your actual refund.

It is risky to use simplified or over-inflated high tax refund estimates.They make you feel good at teh moment, but later if you’ve relied on that info and spent more than you should have… trouble.

Instead, use an accurate tax return calculator and enter all your details carefully, so you’ll know how much to expect from the ATO. (Australia’s favourite online tax return) includes a live tax calculator that updates automatically based on each piece of information you enter, ensuring an accurate, personalised tax refund estimate.

Etax tax refund calculator on mobile
On mobile, just add your tax return details – including all of your income and deductions – then look in the menu for your tax refund calculator.

Please note, the Tax Return Calculator is a free element of the online tax return. The calculator provides an estimate of your tax refund (or payable).

After you complete and sign your tax return (most people finish in just 15 minutes), our qualified accountants check your return, and make any suggestions regarding further deductions or errors. You will then receive an accountant-checked final estimate. If any details or claims have changed, your final estimate may differ from the automated tax return calculator’s estimate (but the final figure prior to lodgement will be the most accurate possible estimate).

To start using the tax return calculator, you need to register and start your online tax return.

There is no obligation to complete your return online, although most people find it is the best way to do a tax return, full-stop.

Remember: The sooner you lodge your tax return, the sooner you’ll get your refund! is Australia’s most trusted online tax agent since 1998.