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As we all become increasingly dependant on the web, doing your tax online is becoming even more popular. 

An at Etax Accountants we think our online tax return is the simplest and quickest way to lodge an Australian tax return.

Do your tax online...   fast, easy, anywhere!

  • No software to install. Just visit from any device with an Internet connection (tabletsand mobiles included!)
  • Tailored online tax return to suit you! No unnecessary questions or sections allowing you to complete your return as fast as possible
  • Your online tax return is checked twice by qualified accountants for accuracy and extra deductions prior to lodgement.
  • Most people can finish the Etax online tax return in just 15 minutes!

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we're constantly looking for ways to make it even easier to do your tax online. In 2014, we have a new tax return designed plus new "smart" features which pre-fill your return for you!

We've identified the four typical ways for taxpayers to do their taxes.  At Etax, we think doing your tax online is the easiest, but for arguments sake, let's compare below...  Or if you're ready to get started, simply click this link to begin!

Etax Online tax return
Traditional Tax Agent's Office ATO Tax Pack ATO E-tax Software
Speed Most people can finish their tax online in just 15 minutes. Usually at least 1 hour. Travel time and waiting can make this even longer More than 130 pages long with many sections that don't even apply to you!.  Download and installation required before you can even begin. Program imitates the tax pack forcing you through many many pages which don't apply to you.
Simplicity The Etax online tax return is incredibly fast & easy.
Appointments to be make, time off  work, confusing questions – that’s not easy.
Leave a document at home? Oops – that means more time & trouble.
Easy is not a word we hear many taxpayers use when discussing the ATO's printed Tax Pack! Installation and downloading adds complication, and the computer-specific software is restrictive for many users.
Convenience Do your tax online using any device with an Internet connection.
At home, at work, in a cafe – even overseas – no problems.
You have to travel to their office, with all of your personal documents. You have to collect the paper booklet, complete the details at home, then submit by post or in person. ATO software installed on only one computer. Must use same computer to access records.
New computer = difficult.
Tablet or Mobile = extremely difficult.
Access away from home = impossible.
Confidence Our qualified accountants check your online tax return twice prior to lodgement ensuring you get the best possible refund! Many popular tax agent offices do not employ qualified accountants to serve clients. 
You are largely on your own. You are largely on your own.
Service &
Troubles? Get instant online, email and phone support.
Available during your appointment, but support is not usually offered before or after your meeting. The ATO has a phone number, but you do not get access to an accountant who's 'on your side'.  The ATO has a phone number, but you do not get access to an accountant who's 'on your side'. 
Price Professional -grade service at very low fees, with fee-from-refund option. The cost of visiting an accountant can exceed several hundred dollars, commonly with big add-on costs. No initial cost, but without an accountant's advice many taxpayers over-pay their taxes. No initial cost, but without an accountant's advice many taxpayers over-pay their taxes.


Using the Etax online tax return, you can be finished in less than 15 minutes:  

  1. Just fill in as many details of the return you can. (we can check some items with the ATO if you're not sure)
  2. Finish the signing details and you're done
We'll take it from there and help you get the best refund possible as well as avoid any ATO troubles for incorrect lodgements.

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