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An Online Tax Return You Can Use On Your Mac or iPad is Australia's favourite online tax return. And the best part of using – it’s Apple-friendly! users can access and complete their returns on a variety of devices including:

  • Mac computers and MacBooks
  • Apple iPad
  • Android tablets
  • Any web-enabled computer
The ATO promised to support Mac users every year since 1998. iPad users haven't even been mentioned, and the 2013 Mac-compatible ATO software has a long list of troubles.

You can overcome all of that and do your tax return online using any device, at

So how does work?

The Etax online tax return is the easiest and fastest way to complete your tax return.  

The online tax return was first developed in 1998 by pioneers in the IT industry, Etax Accountants – a national, family-owned certified accounting business.

Since then, the return has been updated every year based on user feedback. makes your taxes as simple as possible – most people complete a tax return in less than 15 minutes.

Advantages of the online tax return:

  • Fast and easy

  • Use any computer, from any location
  • No software to download - uses a secure online system (like online banking)
  • You get the confidence of knowing a qualified accountant reviewed your return
  • Support: Contact a real accountant online or by phone

How to finish your tax return in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Register with Etax online
  2. Enter as many details as you can 

     if you are unsure about some items, that's okay:  Just fill out as much as you can. 

  3. Sign and submit your return.

It's as easy as that.  After you complete your return, your qualified Etax Accountant will check it for further deductions, offsets and accuracy. You’d be surprised at how often we find extra deductions that increase your refund!  After our careful checks, we will lodge your return to the ATO on your behalf.

Then in about 14 days, you’ll have your refund in your account.

Prices for an individual returns start at just $55.90 and all fees can be claimed as a tax deduction on next year’s tax return.

Ready to start your return? 

Register here and you could be finished your income tax return in less than 15 minutes – all from your Mac or iPad!

Lodge your 2013 tax return 

on almost any Apple device!

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"At last - I can use my iPad or Macbook for my tax return!"

Start your tax return right now, using a Mac or any type of computer - including tablets. Just click to get started...

The Etax online tax return works great on your iPad!


To start your tax return,
simply register then fill-in your tax return form online.  


Users talk back:  

91% of our users say the Etax online tax return is easier than using ATO e-Tax software.

85% agree that Etax Accountants is better than filing themselves.  

You can't beat Etax Accountants on service, ease of use and overall customer satisfaction. 

"Thanks so much for all your help you have been fantastic and I will be sure to use ETAX for all my future returns."

Imogen, Kingston ACT