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The online tax return is improved for 2013:

  • simpler navigation,
  • improved tax refund estimate (constantly updating),
  • plus cash giveaway draws ranging from $1000 to $5000.

Prior to lodgment, every return entered at is reviewed by an accountant, aiming to maximise your tax refund amount and minimise risk of ATO audits or reassessments. A final tax agent review before lodgment adds confidence that your return is lodged correctly – and this all happens very quickly so you get your refund sooner. Please ensure that you provide all available details and list Be careful to claim deduction only if you have receipts or evidence; the ATO is increasingly able to detect over-claims and mistakes and enter accurate amounts to prevent delays in your return.

Getting Started

After you click Get Started, you can do a short registration form that will take you to the new tax return startup. Once you’re in, choose the sections of the tax return that apply to you, then move on the the tax return.

If you’re not sure about something, just use ‘My Messages’ at the top of your screen; every message you post there will be read by an Etax accountant.

Getting it done quickly

You needn’t get stuck on something. An accountant will check the return before it is lodged.

“I can’t find my documents.”

After you start your return, send a note using “My Messages” and explain your situation. Our support team can help complete your return, directly from ATO records. (The ATO sometimes has a surprising amount of your return details already on record.)

Be careful to claim deduction only if you have receipts or evidence; the ATO is increasingly able to detect over-claims and mistakes.

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Etax Accountants is a registered tax agent. Online services include live support and tax agent checking on every tax return lodged via Fees start at a low $56.90 for basic returns and as little as $38.50 for some low income earners.

Can I still complete my 2012 Tax Return (or an even older return)?

Yes. If you haven’t done last year’s 2012 tax return (or any other previous year from 2001 to now), it’s no problem.

There are many reasons people delay their tax return and lodge late. Getting overdue tax returns taken care of is easier than most people expect and people often tell us it’s a big relief getting it done. Here’s how:
Click ‘Get Started’ above. Enter your basic details and select the relevant tax year you’d like to complete. Enter what information you can for that tax year then sign the return online. Our accountants will check your return for accuracy and further deductions (aimed to maximise your refund) before lodging your return to the ATO electronically.

Something missing in your records? No problem: Send us a note using “My Messages” and mention the item you don’t have records for. We can usually collect this info direct from the ATO (who keep more records about taxpayers than you might expect).

Repeat these steps for each year where you have an outstanding tax return. It only takes about 15 minutes for each year’s return.

For tax returns before 2013, you must use a tax agent such as (this site) to lodge your outstanding return – the ATO does not accept overdue returns from you directly.

You can enter old tax returns easily – complete your return online now.

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