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The Etax 2014 Download: There is an easier way

The ATO's E-tax 2014 download is government software, installed directly on your computer. Did you know there are better alternatives?

What is the best alternative to the ATO's Etax 2014 software download?

The Online Tax Return offers a fast and easy-to-use tax return that you complete online, from your web browser – using any device that is Internet-connected (including tablets).  Use and you won't need to download and install government software on your computer. 

The ATO E-tax 2014 download includes many questions that may not apply to you. This can involve one hundred or more pages of reading.  On the other hand, using we make things as simple as possible: At the beginning of our online tax return, you select only the sections that apply to you, we then customise your return for you, hiding the parts you don't need. Next you’ll see just a couple of final summary pages, then you’re done – fast and easy

Another feature clients appreciate: Your information is secure, never lost and always accessible – from any device that has internet access (computer, tablet or phone).  On the other hand, using the ATO’s E-tax 2014 download, you can only access your current or past tax returns on the one computer where you install the software. 

Why use instead of the E-tax 2014 download?

  • Checked by experts: Our Accountants often find extra deductions and offsets which will maximise your refund
  • Confidence in knowing your return is accurate and that a top tax agent lodges it electronically for the fastest possible refund
  • Over 70% of Australians lodge their return through a tax agent such as 
  • Access your return from any place in the world, on any computer or mobile device.

What people say about

  • 91% of users say it is easier than downloading and using the ATO E-tax software.
  • 85% say it is better than filing themselves because of quality advice and checking by qualified accountants. 

Improvements to for 2014

Every year we collect feedback from users and we make large-scale changes.  For 2014 the online tax return is easier and faster than ever:

  • Artificial Intelligence Built-In: The 2014 return automatically spots mistakes that could delay your refund 
  • Live Tax Estimate: Each time you enter a new detail on your return, your estimated refund (or tax payable) automatically updates – in real time!
  • Improved Help Options: With live chat, countless resources and an expert team of accountants standing by, we’ll make your 2014 tax return your fastest and easiest one yet! 


      The Etax 2014 tax return will be available to user in Mid June!

    If you've got a 2013 (or older) return to complete, click get started below.

    Etax 2013 download alternatives: get started with today



    The Etax 2014 online tax
    return will be available in Mid-June 2014! 

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    Etax 2013 Download alternatives: Start your online tax return today

    Want to start your 2014 return early? Visit this page for more details to see whether you qualify.


    Why use in 2014?

    • Ensure your tax information is safe and secure
    • Save your work and come back later
    • Qualified accountants review your tax return and are available for support and advice 

    100% obligation-free

    • No commitment until you sign your return
    • No payment required until you receive your tax refund (for most taxpayers)
    • We strictly protect your privacy 
    is encrypted and SSL secured.
    Etax is protected by secure encryption to safeguard your tax details and your privacy.


    Here's what some of our clients say about Etax:

    "I have just used your etax service for the first time and am really happy with the quick service, support and results. Thank you so much, will certainly use again and recommend to friends."

    Paul, Dundas Valley NSW

    "Thank you all so much for your help and assistance with my return and I will look forward to using your services again next year."

    Trish, Bossley Park NSW


    Cass, Gungahlin ACT

    "I would like to compliment you on the improvements you have made to your website and the process of completing my return this year. It was extremely easy to follow and the additional information at each category was a great help. I have been with your company for the past 10 years and have seen continual improvement over the years."

    Christine Cocks, SA

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