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The Etax 2013 Download: 
Complete your 2013 tax return with no need to download government software.

Do you still have an outstanding 2013 tax return to lodge? Did you know it’s possible to lodge your tax return online, without the need to download E-tax 2013

Use for your 2013 tax return and you’ll have access to Australia’s favourite online tax return; that means no downloads needed and no government software installed on your computer. 

Also: is faster and easier than ATO E-tax software.  Instead of the ATO’s countless questions (can be over 100 pages) which don’t apply to you, we ask you 20 simple questions before you begin. Based on those answers we’ll tailor your tax return ensuring you only fill out sections which are relevant to you. Most of our users are finished in just 15 minutes! 

Once you’ve filled in your details, our qualified accountants will review your return twice for accuracy and extra deductions, before lodging it to the ATO on your behalf. 

It’s that easy!

  To start your 2013 tax return with Etax, simply click get started below!

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I still want to download E-tax 2013…

The E-tax 2013 download will be available to Australian taxpayers until 31 May 2014. If you prepare your return after this date, you’ll need to use the services of a tax agent such as to prepare your outstanding tax return. 

It is also important to be aware that as it is now past the 2013 tax return deadline (October 31st, 2013), it is possible you may face a late lodgement penalty from the ATO. Etax Accountants, acting as your tax agent, can help minimise these penalties as well as request leniency from the ATO.  

We advise you to register with our service now and enter your details; an Etax accountant can then review your situation and provide you tailored advice based on your individual circumstances. 



To start your tax return, simply register online at

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Important Dates and Tax Deadlines

2014 Tax Return:
For income 01 July 2013 – 30 June 2014
Lodge return between 01 July and 31 October, 2014
To lodge early, ring us on 1300 693 829

2013 Tax Return:
For income 01 July 2012 – 30 June 2013
Now overdue - lodge as soon as possible

2012 Tax Return:
For income 01 July 2011 – 30 June 2012
Now overdue - lodge as soon as possible

Earlier Years:
Now overdue - lodge as soon as possible

Any Year From 2001 to 2013 Can Be Completed Online Now: Get Started.


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