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Etax 2012:
Information About Your 2012 Tax Return from 

Ready to start your 2012 tax return?

This page answers every question about Etax 2012, including details about lodging a 2012 tax return, how to do a 2011 (or earlier) tax return online now, and the difference between the 2012 Etax online tax return and the ATO’s E-tax software. 

You can complete your tax return today. Most users can enter their return details in under 15 minutes. The 2012 tax return deadline is 31 October 2012. 

If you are new to you can register here -- or if you’re a returning client, log in and select 2012 to begin your 2012 return.

Should I Lodge My Tax Return Online?

As we all become increasingly dependant on the web, the Etax online tax return has become the simplest, quickest way to lodge an Australian tax return.  In fact, it is the most popular online tax return.

Every year the online tax return at is upgraded, making it easier than ever. For 2012, there's a new live refund estimate plus more help & support than ever.  Lodging your return at Etax means you have the confidence your return was done correctly and checked by a qualified account who lodged it directly to the ATO.

2012 ATO E-tax Software
the 2012 Online Tax Return

Below are some key differences between the ATO’s 2012 E-tax software and the 2012 online tax return. For a more detailed comparison between Etax Accountants and the ATO E-tax, please visit our comparison page:

ATO E-Tax 2012 2012 online tax return 
  What is it?     Government software, installed directly onto your computer’s hard-drive. A fast & easy online tax return, accessible on any device with an Internet connection – no downloads required!
  Mac Friendly? Windows only. Mac,
and almost any mobile device.
If your computer has a web browser, you can use the 2012 tax return.  This includes your Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device.
  Where can
  I get  it?
The ATO E-tax software for 2012 is available to download from the ATO website and install on one computer only. Access anytime, no matter where you are.
 Returning Users: ATO E-tax software must be re-downloaded and re-installed for every tax year Simply Login At If you need help with you login or password, simply click here.
 Can I get help? The ATO has a telephone help line. Your return at includes detailed checking and advice from a qualified accountant. 
You can contact a real accountant online or by phone (toll-free). The minimal fee includes reviews by at least two accountants who'll maximise your tax refund and help you pay less tax in the future.


Can I still complete my 2011 (or older) Tax Return?

For tax returns before 2011, the ATO deadline has passed, therefore you are required to use a tax agent to lodge your return.  You can use the online return at (the most popular online tax return for Australians).

If you haven’t lodged your 2011 tax return (or any other previous year), no problem! Simply register and select the relevant tax year you’d like to complete. 

Enter all the details that you have available, then sign the return online. 

Trained accountants will check your return for accuracy and further deductions before lodging your return to the ATO on your behalf. And the best part… you can do multiple years at the same time. If you’ve got a few years of returns to lodge, simply select each year from your Etax profile and enter each year’s tax return one after the other.

Do you need to complete a previous year's tax return ?

You could be finished in just 15 minutes!

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Your tax return can be done using any type of computer - just click and register to get started.

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Here's what Australians say about the online tax return:

"A big thank you to Etax for your efficient and professional handling of my tax returns for the past few years. It is so easy to complete the return, and after a few questions to clarify any issues...return in the bank in 8-10 days. Amazing service! May your wonderful company enjoy continuing success!"

- Jeff C, QLD

"This is my first year using and I have to say your service is super great. Very user friendly, excellent service and everything is communicated in our daily language. I was always scared of doing my tax return but not anymore."

- Chau, Jandakot, WA

"I have just used your etax service for the first time and am really happy with the quick service , support and results. Thank you so much, will certainly use again and recommend to friends."

- Rainer, Wayville SA.





Your Advantages:

Use the 2012 online tax return this year and you’ll get access to vastly improved help and information options for 2012 – shown right within your tax return, beside each item. 

We’ve also got a live tax refund estimate tool from within the return. This tool updates your estimated refund (or payable) with each new detail you enter – in real time!

Most users can finish their tax return in about 15 minutes online.  

No software, no headaches, friendly support.

You can access the Tax Deduction Finder, Etax Knowledge Base and Refund Estimate Tool,  plus helpful explanations for sections that can be confusing – all from within the tax return itself. The result: You’ll finish your tax return faster and you won’t miss any tax-saving deductions.

If you’d like further tips from Etax to help prepare your 2012 tax return, visit the Etax Blog: Tax Tips for Australians.  Here, you’ll find countless blog posts with tax saving tips and advice all aimed at saving you money!  If you’d like to receive an update when a new blog is posted, simply follow our RSS feed.

Every return lodged at is twice-reviewed by trained tax accountants who provide advice for maximising your tax refund.

Over 70% of Australians use a tax agent service like – and it’s no wonder!

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